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The best way you can help Tom win the nomination for Mississauga - Malton is to vote for him at the nomination meeting. You can only vote at that meeting if you are a member of the Conservative Party of Canada, and you live within the riding boundaries.

To join the Conservative Party of Canada, download and print a copy of the Conservative Party of Canada Membership Form. You can download a PDF version of the membership form here:

Once the form is completed you can either contact the Tom Varughese Campaign and arrange to have the form picked up, or you can mail it to the following address:

Tom Varughese Campaign
1315 Derry Rd; E Suite #3
Mississauga, ON L5T 1B6 Tel:(647) 549-2430

Join online, using a credit card

If you prefer to complete your membership online, it’s important you let us know you have done so. We’ll make sure your membership is processed on time and we’ll be able to keep you informed regarding the nomination campaign.